NextLight Silver State 'South' Project Map

Located in Clark County, south of Las vegas, Nevada, the map shows the photovoltaic project in Ivanpah Valley in the Mojave Desert. The blue arrow shows the canyon in the Lucy Gray Mountains that channels floodwaters from the larger McCullough Mountains to the east. The project site is located on the large fan cone where floodwaters spread out into numerous washes.

The red hatched areas are recovery units or Desert Wildlife Management Areas (DWMAs) for the federally threatened Desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii).

"The Piute-Eldorado DWMA not only possesses the highest desert tortoise population densities in Nevada, but also represents the largest area of high quality tortoise habitat in the state. Desert tortoise populations are very patchy in distribution at Piute-Eldorado, as they typically are throughout their range, but USFWS in their 1994 recovery plan has estimated their densities at 40-90 adults per square mile. Additionally, this DWMA is contiguous with other high tortoise density DWMAs, Ivanpah and Fenner in California. Other than high habitat quality the other most important element for conservation of landscape biological viability is spatial integrity and connectivity." (From, article by Tony Krzysik,
Conservation of Desert Wildlife Management Areas (DWMAs) in Clark County Nevada.)


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NextLight Silver State South Tortoise Habitat