New Directions for Desert Conservation


What's in Store for the Desert with a Trump Administration?

November 15, 2016 - According to Roll Call, Republican House committee chairman Kevin McCarthy sent a letter yesterday to all government agencies requesting that no new regulations move forward in the remaining months of the Obama administration.

November 10, 2016 - Now that we have a new President, Basin & Range Watch will be strategizing for how our public lands, desert ecosystems, local communities, and environmental laws may be impacted. The largescale renewable energy push into desert wildlands may slow, but we will continue to push for better Distributed Energy Resource policies, such as rooftop solar, to bring CO2 emissions down. We will also be vigilant about preserving our public lands from privitization or land transfers. Government accountability and transparency will remain a focus for us, as it has in the past. Preserving our new national monuments will also be someting we will strive for.

We are well-positioned in this new era since we have worked hard to build a coalition of people from all poliotical views who want to keep our desert free from industrialization, fragmentation, and closed access.

Stay tuned for our renewed push to protect our desert wildlands and wildlife. We will be redesigning our website soon to follow the latest trends in resource management, issues, and threats.