^The Chuckwalla Valley region. Yellow is Bureau of Land Management land.

^Bureau of Land Management Wilderness map of the California Desert Conservation Area, southeastern desert region. Includes eastern San Bernardino, Riverside, and Imperial Counties. Notice how many wilderness areas would be totally surrounded by industrial solar energy developments in this plan, as well as the eastern boundary of Joshua Tree National Park.

Red dot = Desert Center

Orange oval outline = U.S. range of Munz cholla (it is also found in northeastern Baja California, Mexico).

Brown area = Joshua Tree National Park.

Solar Energy Study Areas (dark blue outline):

Light blue areas = BLM lands being analyzed for solar development (Source: Solar Energy Development Programmatic EIS Information Center at http://solareis.anl.gov/index.cfm, as of 6/5/2009).

Wilderness areas:

^Industrial concentrated solar power plant with parabolic trough mirrors covering thousands of acres.


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